We are committed to
reducing environmental

Making a difference!

Brasilgrafica helps protect the environment through a variety of actions:

  • Utilising natural resources (without damaging the environment);
  • We produce over 7.5 billion sustainable and biodegradable packages and labels each year;
  • Utilising recyclable materials;
  • Designing new facilities and renovations in an integrated and sustainable, seeking not to negatively affect the balance of the surrounding nature;
  • Opting for raw materials and fabrication processes that do not impact the environment;
  • Installing equipment for the preservation and control of environmental conditions, to ensure minimal air, sound and visual pollution;
  • Adequately discarding industrial waste.
Making a difference!

The Brasilgrafica brand of

Significant numbers of corrugated
cardboard, pallets, lids and angle
brackets are collected every month
from our clients’ factories and reused.
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Alameda Tocantins, 490 à 560 
Alphaville Industrial - Barueri
São Paulo - Postal Code: 06455-920
Alameda Tocantins, 490
Alphaville Industrial - Barueri
São Paulo - Postal Code: 06455-920