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Market Segment

Brasilgrafica’s extensive graphical facilities allow us to cater to a variety of industry sectors, always maintaining high standards of quality and offering personalised innovations to each client. 

With an annual production of over 7.5 billion packages and labels, Brasilgrafica masterfully serves a diverse range of market sectors, always focusing on sustainable and biodegradable packaging.

Food Sector

Currently our portfolio includes the biggest package customers in the Brazilian food industry. The foodstuff sector makes up the largest portion of our industrial capacity, from small bubble-gum wraps to biscuit and panettone display boxes.

Higiene e Limpeza


With over 60 years of extensive experience in the chocolate business, we have accrued many success cases and awards for iconic packages in the industry. One of our specialties is printing the insides of bonbon boxes with paints and varnishes, which earned Brasilgrafica international approval in this niche.

Cold Storage Products

After intensive research and investments, we modified our cold storage products work structure, allowing us to discontinue the use of cling film, which in turn increased both the segment’s sustainability and the levels of protection provided. Productivity was gained and costs were decreased. The importance of this Brasilgrafica innovation can be clearly seen in the market-wide adoption of our method as the only acceptable type of packaging.

Higiene e Limpeza

Fast Food

A sector which constantly grows, innovates and reinvents itself. Brasilgrafica is known as the biggest supplier in this market, due to our investment in the production of “Clamshell” packaging and french fry holders. 

The “fast” in fast food extends to Brasilgrafica – we are swift, efficient, and competitive and do it all without compromising the quality of our products.

Personal Care

Our packages are designed for a consumer market with increasingly high expectations when it comes to their health, skin care and personal hygiene. Each day, millions utilise our packages. 

We are always searching for new technologies, materials and coatings which will allow us to deliver to customers packaging that matches their consumer habits. We seek to create sleek, practical and modern designs, suitable for their desired use and minimal in their impact to the environment.


Higiene e Limpeza

Home Care

We are leaders in the market for home care packaging. 

Our packages are engineered to preserve the physical integrity of products, protecting them from the external environment and to also be attractive selling points, standing out in colour, design and environmental responsibility. 

These goals demand us to constantly engage in innovative thinking. We work hard on researching and developing new technologies to make them a reality.

Sustainable Packaging

We are known for our technical know-how in the production of sustainable packages. 

To meet an increasing demand for sustainable packaging, we produce special water, water vapor, oil and fat proof coatings, which make the lamination/extrusion of film on carton obsolete. 

These are water-based ecological barriers that, when applied over paperboard, create a more sustainable market alternative. 

In Brasilgrafica we always do our part to protect nature!



These are packages made with paper card, composed of long fibres, which make them highly resistant to tearing, bringing safety, comfort and convenience to customers. The packaging is sustainable, created to match the high performance and output of our clients’ production lines. Their products enjoy an ever-growing visibility in the market shelves due to the excellent quality and refinement of our graphical finishes.


These packages are produced utilising duplex, triplex and SBS boards, structured in such a manner as to improve the printing quality of the offset process. They are 100% biodegradable, made of renewable raw materials, recyclable, and printed with vegetable-based dyes and water-based varnishes.  

All our packages follow the norms set out by ANVISA (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency). We utilise all graphical recourses which can aid in the control, tracking and identification of the packages, as well as increase the safety of their handling.
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Bebidas Nobres


These packages are made with the highest quality paper card and outstanding graphical finishes, which elevate the product’s visual identity, as well as perform the role of seller, with visual elements that stimulate consumers.

Pet Food

Packaging plays an essential role in the Pet Food industry, especially for premium products. It allows our clients to stand out in the eyes of pet lovers who seek sustainable products and packaging. 

Package quality is also a crucial factor when choosing which product to serve to one’s beloved pets.
A Logística para cada cliente
Bebidas Nobres

High-Quality Alcoholic Beverages

Sturdy packaging and standout labels are the main means of communication between the producer and the consumer. 

We are specialists in this type of packaging, and we are always ushering along innovation and bringing these products the attention they deserve.


Since the very beginning of our business, Brasilgrafica has specialised itself in the paper printing of labels for, amongst others, beverages, dairy and home care products. 

We are prepared to offer a variety of enriching aspects for your packages, making them more attractive to the final customer. 

Our production lines for regular label finishings are also extremely productive and equipped to give you the best possible results.

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